web_stethescopes.VC.college.2016Stethoscopes are an important and expensive part of a nurse’s arsenal of equipment. SIV, after much thought and consideration, committed funds to donate quality stethoscopes to nursing students at Ventura College.

Over the last two semesters, we have handed out 14 stethoscopes engraved with our Soroptimist logo. We have confidence the recipients will be off to a good start in their nursing education and will be able to use their stethoscopes well into their nursing careers.

On Monday, February 8 a group of SIV members met the recipients and were delighted to hear from the women themselves what a valuable addition our donation has made to their education. Many of the women are returning students with families and very tight budgets. They expressed such gratitude at having this necessary item provided for them by our Soroptimist Club.